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You can integrate your existing solution or project with the Coppermine Rest API. The API gives you access to all the features of the Coppermine backoffice solution. 


Coppermine API Status


Upcoming changes to the Coppermine API


Connecting to the Coppermine API


Coppermine API calls


Coppermine API Error codes & Responses





Coppermine API Status


All API's are OK. No maintenance windows are planned at this moment.

Upcoming changes to the Coppermine API


July 7th 2017

At this moment no changes are planned for the Coppermine backend API. Developed is underway for the Coppermine 3.0 CMS API. CMS version 3.0 gives you full control over themes, templates, pages and widgets. You can create your own apps within the CMS.


Connecting to the Coppermine API


The Coppermine API is a REST API, see for more information. To connect to the API you require a URL, login, password. These are supplied by Coppermine on request.

Coppermine API calls


API Objects

Object: Customers

Object: Orders

Object: Packages

Object: Shipments

Object: Invoices

Object: Products

Object: Campaigns

Object: PricePlans

Object: Discounts

Coppermine API Error codes & responses