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 Get healthy, get a subscription!
Fresh slow juices on demand

Delivering freeze frozen slow juices on a timetable 24/7 throughout Europe.

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Case 1

Fresh slow juices on demand

Our client is the largest producer of slow juices in the Netherlands. They produce slow juices in their own factory using high-tech machinery which guarantees outstanding quality. The juices far exceed any similar product sold via traditional retail channels. To achieve high quality, the juices are produced on demand and delivered freeze frozen. When the delivery is made the product needs to be stored in the freezer or fridge, therefor the customer needs to be present to accept the delivery. The solution we provide is a one-stop solution. Customers can purchase single or multipack juices online and have the option to receive their purchase as a one-off or in subscription form. Customers are notified on every stage of the delivery by e-mail and text messaging. Customers are also continuously guided in the use of their purchase by accompanying notifications. The customers can change and cancel their subscription any time. Customers can easily reorder previous purchases through the customer portal.




Situation and mission

The original solution consisted of multiple systems with addons serviced by multiple vendors.
Magento as e-commerce solution

  • WordPress as blog solution
  • Xopin chat solution
  • MailChimp used as mailing platform
  • Exact used for invoices and billing

The used solution had the following drawbacks

  • Limited to selling one-off
  • Required additional software for customer service teams
  • Required custom software for fulfillment and logistics integration
  • Required third-party addons for financial integration
  • Third-party addons made the solution difficult and expensive to maintain
  • Security and version updates would break the solution
  • Template redesign required for mobile devices

Our client wanted to increase their competitive edge and wanted to sell one-off and recurring in multiple countries. Coppermine was given the mandate to redesign the e-commerce and backend systems. The key requirements were:

  • Sell products on a one-off and recurring basis
  • Adjust the service to local markets
  • Sell a single product multi priced and differentiated
  • Measure every thing
  • Increase efficiency by automating the workflow process
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer value
  • Scalable and future ready
  • Provide a high-quality service second to none
  • Increase customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce cost








We improved efficiency by more than 25%, our client
can now focus on selling instead of organizing




One-stop solution

We redesigned the software landscape for our client which enabled them to focus on selling instead of organizing. They saved more than 40 hours a month in processing deliveries and improved their reliability. Customer satisfaction and loyalty improved, customers are now in control of their purchases and deliveries. They are also guided in the use of their products. The new solution is flexible and ready for new product developments and evolving markets.





Case features

We provide a one-stop solution for our client. The following Coppermine features are used:

  • Multi lingual multi-site CMS, Shop, Blog and Customer Portal
  • Integration with Payment Service Provider
  • c. Integration with Xolphin chat
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with fulfillment / logistics
  • Integration with MessageBird messaging
  • Coppermine CRM, order and subscription management, shipments, invoices and payments, campaigns and promotions
  • SEPA direct debit and mandate compliance
  • Reporting and dash boarding




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