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Processing more than a million shipments per year on a subscription basis.

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Case 2

Supplements on a
subscription basis

Our client is the largest company in Europe selling vitamin supplements directly to consumers. The business model is based upon selling high quality supplements at a below average price online in multiple European countries. Consumers have the flexibility to purchase the supplements as a trial, one-off or recurring and can change their plan at any moment. To achieve maximum market penetration the client requires a high degree of flexibility in pricing and offering. Coppermine provides the flexibility which allows our client to A/B test everything. All aspects of the solution need to scale with the volumes our client processes.




Situation and mission

The original solution consisted of multiple systems and vendors.

  • Custom e-commerce site
  • ERP provided by fulfilment partner
  • Call centre tool for customer service
  • Exact for invoicing and payments

Due to the multi-solution setup, the solution was

  • Not able to adjust to the market in time
  • Did not provide the ability to A/B test
  • Unreliable in pricing and delivery
  • Costly and difficult to adjust to new market developments and product innovations

Our client realized that as time progressed they were becoming less flexible and needed to change. Coppermine was given the mandate to migrate the systems into the Coppermine generic e-commerce solution and provide access with the REST API. The following key requirements were set:

  • Adjust the solution to local markets
  • Sell on a trial, subscription basis and one-off
  • Scalable and future ready
  • Increase customer experience and satisfaction
  • Facilitate customer service
  • Single REST API system integration point
  • Integrate fulfilment
  • Increase packaging efficiency
  • SEPA direct debits and mandates
  • Payment Service Provider integration








Process 1.000.000+ shipments and payments annually with 99.9% accuracy and reliability




Open flexible backend

We redesigned the software landscape for our customer which enabled them to become flexible once more. We implemented our Coppermine backend solution which integrates with a custom frontend through our REST API. The backend integrates with logistic and payment service providers for shipments and payments.





Case features

We provide a one-stop solution for our client. The following features are used:

  • Coppermine CRM, order and subscription management, shipments, invoices and payments, campaigns and promotions
  • Frontend integration with Coppermine backend REST API
  • Integration with Payment Service Provider
  • Integration with fulfilment providers
  • Optimize shipment efficiency
  • Efficiency in packaging materials, template content and data
  • SEPA direct debit and mandate compliance




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