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Delivering chamber of commerce
records on a subscription basis

Providing access to more than 3 million European chamber
of commerce records as a service.

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Case 3

Data as a subscription service

Our client provides access to more than 3 million European chamber of commerce records as a service. Customers have multiple subscription options to subscribe to the service. Depending upon the customers requirements they can subscribe to a small, medium or large data plans. Each plan provides the customer with a set amount of download credits. The subscription can be extended with additional features providing more details or additional regions. The service is provided online and enables our client to sell worldwide. Coppermine developed a custom data selection tool as part of the solution. The solution enables subscribers to easily create custom selections real-time. The subscribers can save their selection criteria, allowing them to reuse their criteria when the data is updated. All selection criteria and results can be easily accessed by the customer in the customer portal. The total solution contains many features which enhance the customer experience and usability. The solution runs fully automated minimizing costs and maximizing customer experience by providing full access to the service. Additionally, our client provides full customer support for subscribers who require additional assistance and consultancy.




Situation and mission

The original solution consisted of five different systems serviced by four different vendors.

  • WordPress was used for web site content
  • Woo Commerce add-in used for web shop
  • Custom tool for querying chamber of commerce data
  • Call centre tool for CRM and subscription management
  • Exact for invoicing and payments.

Due to the multi-solution setup, the solution was

  • Expensive in maintenance and use
  • Scattered management and responsibility
  • Costly and difficult to adjust to new market developments and product innovations

Our client realized that they were losing their competitive edge and needed to change. Coppermine was given the mandate to consolidate the systems into the Coppermine generic e-commerce solution and build a custom tool for data selections. Key requirements:

  • Adjust the solution to local markets
  • Sell on a subscription basis and one-off
  • Sell a single product multi priced and feature differentiated
  • Scalable and future ready
  • Increase customer experience and satisfaction
  • Reduce costs








Improve conversion, get to market fast and reduce costs by more than 80%




One-stop solution

We redesigned the software landscape for our customer which enabled them to become competitive once more, but the story doesn’t end there. The service is being updated on a regular basis. New features and data are continuously added to add value to the service and exceed customer expectation and maintain customer loyalty. The solution we have implemented is flexible and can change with time as product innovations develop and requirements change.





Case features

We provide a one-stop solution for our client. The following features are used:

  • Multi lingual multi-site CMS, Shop, Blog and Customer Portal
  • Custom data selection tool
  • Integration with Payment Service Provider
  • Integration with Xolphin chat
  • Coppermine CRM, order and subscription management, invoices and payments, campaigns and promotions
  • SEPA direct debit and mandate compliance
  • Subscription credit plan administration
  • Reporting and dash boarding




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