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Customer portal

Customer service





With Coppermine, you can sell your products one-off or subscription based. Subscriptions provide a stable base of income, lower sales costs and increase customer loyalty.

  • Tease customers with trial offerings
  • Sell trial, one-off and subscription products
  • Multiple one-off and subscription price plans
  • Add free-bees, gifts to increase loyalty
  • Add email workflows to engage with your customer
  • Easy subscription management
  • Subscription products can be paused and stopped
  • Subscription product quantities can be changed
  • Subscriptions products can be mixed with one-off products
  • Subscriptions can have fixed or variable end dates
  • Customers can have multiple one-off purchases and subscriptions
  • Fully automated order and subscription processing
  • Add subscription workflows




Full API Control

The API solution makes it easy to integrate with your existing e-commerce application or when developing your own application. The API gives access to the featurs of the Coppermine back office application. You get access to all the smart features, functionality and interface of the back office turnkey solution.

  • Build your own front-end or integrate your existing e-commerce application
  • Full featured REST API
  • Smart API, calculate prices, get discount values, validate coupons
  • Sell products one-off or recurring
  • Full access to back office interfaces
  • Full CRM back office integration
  • Integrates with payment providers
  • Integrates with fulfillment provider


API Wiki




Customer Portal

Reduce costs and empower your customers by giving them access to their profile, one-off / recurring orders and payments.

  • 24/7 customer portal
  • Customers can manage profile
  • Customers can manage subscriptions
  • Pause an individual product or a whole subscription
  • Cancel a subscription (plannable)
  • Change the subscription interval
  • Customers can reorder previous orders
  • Provide offers
  • Upsell and cross-sell
  • View invoices
  • Pay outstanding invoices



Customer Service

Make the difference. We at Coppermine believe that providing the best customer support makes the difference, therefor we have created a CRM service desk tool which is easy to use, and has everything your team needs.

  • 360-degree customer view and management
  • Resolve issues first time round
  • Find records fast, search for anything
  • Easy access to customers, documents, orders, subscriptions, shipments, invoices and payments
  • Change customer profiles, orders, subscriptions, shipments, invoices and payments
  • Create merged documents easy and edit before sending
  • Change orders and products
  • Change invoices and payments
  • Change shipments and products
  • Change customer logins and passwords



Smart Fulfillment and Logistics

Integrated fulfilment and logistics is essential for efficiency and quality. We integrate with fulfilment and logistics partners so that priority and scheduled deliveries are processed according to your business rules.

  • Automatic dynamic processing
  • Workflow routines e.g. wait for payment before sending
  • Send physical goods and messages
  • Add free-bees, gifts, vouchers and announcements
  • Prepacked and packable product processing
  • Optimal packaging routine
  • Packing slip and invoice merging
  • API, (s)FTP or flat file integration
  • PDF, XML, CSV output
  • Customer pre and post process announcements
  • Customer pre and post-delivery announcements
  • Customer track and trace announcements
  • Integrated stock management
  • Packaging usage report
  • Stationary usage report



Integrated CRM Core

The core of Coppermine is all about CRM, our CRM is all about customers and potential customer value. Our users want to easily identify customers and what they can do to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Therefor we provide an easy to use interface which gives you the ability to quickly asses customers and provide the best service and offers you can. Did we mention that we also provide the tools to keep the data in the CRM clean?

  • Business to business and business to consumer
  • Find records fast, search for anything
  • Customer dashboard
  • Edit customer profiles
  • Auto-complete addresses
  • Automatic duplicate customer tagging
  • Smart customer deduplication and merging tool
  • Extensive validations
  • Check IBAN numbers
  • Store SEPA mandates
  • SEPA mandate registration compliance
  • Customer white, grey and blacklisting
  • Multilingual interface
  • Language-independent document management
  • Customer rights and password management
  • Add extra fields



More features






Invoices & payments




Web shop






Campaign Management

We at Coppermine know that no day is the same and that you need the tools to make the difference when engaging with your customers. We provide a full set of features enabling you to drive your marketing campaigns.

  • Sell products one-off and recurring
  • Create campaigns
  • Create affiliates
  • Create promotions
  • Create price plans
  • Create product, customer and friend get friend discounts
  • Create volume, quantity, percentage and fixed discounts
  • Create personal and public coupon discounts
  • Create single and multiple use coupons
  • Sell credits and gift vouchers
  • Measure everything
  • Optimize conversion
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and affiliates





Document Management

Coppermine gives you the tools to optimize the customer experience by engaging with them. Inform your customers when subscriptions are being renewed and when products are delivered. Go one step further and routinely inform them how best to use a product. Ask them how they experience the product and if they would recommend it to others.

  • Send personalized documents
  • View customer CRM correspondence
  • Send static and merged documents
  • Add static and merged attachments
  • Send e-invoices with payment links
  • Send shipping confirmations with track & trace links
  • Send announcements and confirmations
  • Send automatically generated contracts
  • Send documents as HTML, plain text and PDF
  • Smart template merging with arrays and grids
  • Integrate with MailChimp
  • Integrate with TrustPilot





Invoices & Payments

We provide a 360-degree customer view including all the financial transactions. When engaging with your customers you need to know how to value them and which offers and services fit best to optimize the customer experience and relationship.

  • Create invoice and payment workflow
  • Send one-off and recurring invoices
  • Send payments and reminders requests
  • Add surcharges / fines to late payments
  • Full round-trip integration with collection agencies
  • Fully automated order and subscription processing
  • Fully automated invoice and payment processing
  • Integrate with Payment Service Providers and banks
  • Provide SEPA direct debit
  • Provide SEPA credit / payment transfers
  • Automate SEPA mandate processing
  • Supports SEPA, iDeal, Credit Card, Mr Cash, Pay Pal,
  • SoFort, Bancontact and many more
  • Receive financial and logistic reports





Reporting & Dashboards

Identify at a glance how you are progressing and dig into the data with our dashboards and reports. Did we mention that we have an automated customer segmentation report so that you can personalize your offers?

  • Sales dashboard
  • Web shop dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Sales report
  • Churn report
  • Customer segmentation report
  • Turnover report
  • Payment moral report
  • VAT report
  • Stock report





Web Site

  • Concept
  • Wireframe/Prototypes
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Multilingual interface
  • Templates
  • Integrations MailChimp, Trust
  • Pilot, Chat
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google Analytics integration





Web Shop


  • Sell Products one-off and recurring
  • Real-time integration with backend
  • Real-time pricing
  • Show product stock
  • Offer coupons
  • Offer promotions
  • Offer standard, volume and quantity discounts
  • iDeal, SEPA, direct debit, credit card, Pay Pal, Sofort, Bancontact/Mr Cash
  • Provide priority and standard shipping
  • Single and multi-page checkout






  • Manage multiple sites
  • Tune to local markets
  • Create your own themes
  • Easily design your own templates
  • Easily change layouts
  • Easily change content
  • Just add widgets for products, checkout, portal
  • Easily configure widgets
  • Create master site
  • Create child sites
  • Content inheritance
  • Manage localized content





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