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November 24, 2015

Coppermine a new generation API


Coppermine is the e-commerce solution for web shops, subscriptions, order processing, CRM, finance and logistics. Many of our users are familiar with the Coppermine web based interface for managing the web shop, campaigns, customer service and other parts of the business process. Most of them are not aware that the interface connects to the Coppermine API. The API makes it possible for third-party solutions to integrate with the Coppermine solution so that they can place orders and gain insight into customer data and subscription / order status.

Coppermine enhances the solution on a consistent basis, and do so with the Coppermine roadmap. Part of the Coppermine roadmap is to improve the API. The improvement provides access to the same feature set as the Coppermine web interface. This improvement creates a new generation API which allows not only external web shops to place orders but also financial and logistical suppliers so that they can update the status of payments and deliveries.