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About Coppermine

Coppermine was founded in 2001. In these early days we developed custom software which was used in customer service centers and web shops. In our incubation period we learnt that the most important asset a business can have is the relationship with the customer. When selling products and services we believe it is essential for businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors. Businesses can distinguish themselves from competitors in the way products and services are offered. By doing so they can add value and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This core concept is engineered into the 100+ features of our generic Coppermine cloud solution we offer you today.







Customers routinely challenge us with new needs and ideas. We love a challenge and learn from implementing new concepts. We would like to share some of the cases we worked on.








Answers to your questions

We have collected the most common questions customers have asked about Coppermine. If you have any comments, or if you have a question about Coppermine that was not answered here, feel free to send it to us. We will try to be as helpful as we can.








Professional Support & Help

We know how import support is to you. We also understand that your company is depending upon our solution. We want to team with our clients so that we understand the challenges of the business. This allows us to be proactive in solving problems and implementing improvements.


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